Search for Periodicals

Search for Periodicals

Search for core periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages (SCIE, SSCI, CSCD, CSSCI, etc.)

Search for Printed Periodicals

All Chinese and foreign language periodicals in the library collection can be accessed through OPAC.

Bibliographic records will show more details about the item, such as years, volume, location and other information.

See “Collection Distribution” for the specific collection locations of various periodicals.


Search for E-Journals

Users can find the e-journals in both Chinese and foreign languages through the “Database Map” on the library homepage.

For specific e-journal retrieval, please use: E-Journal Navigation (Metalib)

Access to Unpurchased E-Journals

For journals that are not purchased by the library, users can obtain them through document delivery.

At present, the Library of USTC has established a cooperative relationship of document delivery and interlibrary loan with National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Science (CSDL), China Academic Humanities and Social Sciences Library (CASHL), the Tsinghua University Library, the National Library of China. Users can obtain various documents through these document systems. For details, please refer to “Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan


In addition, there are many free e-journals online. For specific open access (free) e-journals, please use: Open Access E-journals Query System (Metalib)


Ask the Librarian

Users can send an email to, and our staff will give you a satisfactory answer.