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The printed dissertation is held in the university archives.

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Domestic Dissertations: Database of Full Text of Chinese Master and Doctoral Dissertations (CNKI), Database of Full Text of Chinese Dissertations (Wanfang Data Platform)

Foreign Dissertation:

NDLTD Dissertation Database: This database is an international online dissertation co-construction and sharing project, and currently contains more than ten members around the world. It provides full text in PDF format for free.

PQDT Dissertation Database: PQDT dissertation abstracts contains 2.4 million dissertation records from more than 1,000 universities in Europe and the United States. It is currently the world’s largest and most widely used index library for thesis abstracts. The first 24 pages of the original papers from 1997 can be viewed. ProQuest full-text database of doctoral and master’s dissertations is a full-text library built by domestic universities on the basis of PQDT. Up to now, the full-text data has reached more than 250,000 articles.

The American Doctoral Dissertation Archive database 1933-1955: Contains approximately 100,000 papers and documents from 1933 to 1955. This database is the only archive database that contains the most complete archives of doctoral dissertations recognized by American universities from 1933-1955.

Dissertations not purchased by the Library

They can be obtained through document delivery and interlibrary loan

Dissertation Knowledge Discovery System of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: The database contains the master’s and doctoral dissertations and post-doctoral reports of the Chinese Academy of Sciences since 1980. Abstract is available free of charge, and the first 16 pages of most theses are also available in electronic version.

Dissertations of NSTL: Collection of dissertations and post-doctoral reports of Chinese universities, graduate schools, and research institutes, involving various fields of natural sciences and the humanities and social sciences.

Dissertations of National Library of China: The National Library of China collects nearly 120,000 doctoral dissertations, master’s dissertations. It also includes some doctoral dissertations of Taiwan and dissertations of some overseas Chinese.

See “Document delivery and Interlibrary Loan” for details.

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