Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan


At present, the Library of USTC has established a cooperative relationship of document delivery and interlibrary loan with National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Science (CSDL), China Academic Humanities and Social Sciences Library (CASHL), the Tsinghua University Library, the National Library of China, and the Shanghai Library. Readers can obtain various documents through these document systems.



This service includes document delivery and interlibrary loan. Books can only be borrowed from the National Library, the Shanghai Library, and CSDL general-branch library.



To get the full text, you can first try to search in the Anhui Academy Digital Library Retrieval System (Chaoxin Discovery)( If you cannot find the full text, you can use the following two methods:

1.  CSDL(

2.  Please send an email directly to, indicating your name,student ID (salary ID), contact phone number, and bibliographic information

(title, source, year volume page number, etc.) of the required documents. No attachments are required.