User Guide

All USTC teachers and students have access to the library’s books, periodicals, electronic resources and space resources in a variety of ways. Users can enter the library by USTC ID card. Outside units or off-campus readers must bring a letter of introduction or identification.

The libraries of each department are not included in the unified collection and reading management of the library. If readers want to use their literature, please contact the specific units. Readers are advised to browse the library homepage, WeChat and Library section of campus BBS to know the relevant regulations and dynamic information of the library in order to make better use of the library.


Reader Registration

(1) The admission list of all the official faculty and staff of our university, as well as the officially admitted graduates, undergraduates and full-time adult education students, is provided by the relevant departments. After the library completes the registration in the database management system according to the list, users will have the identity of library readers and can use all the literature resources in the library with the USTC ID card. (2) The Graduate School provides a list of graduate students entrusted by the Academy of Sciences or other national ministries and commissions to be trained in our university, and the library will treat them as enrolled graduate students. (3) Postdoctoral staff who need to go through university leaving formalities can apply for the registered reader status with their USTC ID card. (4) Short-term staff from home and abroad accepted by university schools and departments, staff employed by the Development Department and the Research Group, etc. can enter the Library with a valid campus ID card to consult and copy materials and use the electronic resources of the Library within the campus network. (5) If the short-term employees are not subject to the library’s departure procedures, the library shall not handle reader registration in principle. If there is indeed a need for borrowing books, the relevant department or school must negotiate with the library, provide proof guarantees, and assume relevant responsibilities before going through the registration procedures. (6) If off-campus readers need to use the library resources for a short or temporary period, they should contact the library office to handle relevant procedures. With the library’s reader identity, they can enter the library to read books and periodicals, use electronic resources, but cannot borrow books.



Rules for Borrowing Books

  • Borrowing Quota and Loan Period
Reader Type Normal Loan Period Limited number
of copies
Maximum number
of localbooks
Maximum number of
Renewal days before expiration Renew time
students 60 days 30 copies 30 copies 1 time 10 days 30 days
staff 60 days 30 copies 30 copies 1 time 20 days 45 days


(2) Books that readers are not going to borrow after reading, please put them back to the shelves according to their locations, or hand them over to the staff to handle. (3) When borrowing books, there must be no overdue books in the account, and the debt in the card does not reach 10 yuan, otherwise the system cannot handle the procedures. (4) When books (especially all kinds of picture albums) are loaned out, please check the missing pages and damage. If there are any damages, users must report to the library staff to stamp the missing seal. If any defects are found when the book is returned and the seal is not confirmed, the reader must bear the responsibility. (5) When returning the book, please return it to the corresponding collection place or use the self-return machine. (6) The current periodicals, past periodicals and internal materials in the collection should not be loaded out, but can only be consulted in the library. The collection of books in Chinese and foreign languages is determined by the requirements of each library. If readers have special circumstances, please tell the staff. (7) During winter and summer vacations, the library will set up extension return days for the convenience of readers according to the actual situation. (8) According to school regulations, users must return all borrowed books and pay all penalties before leaving school (including graduation, job transfer, suspension of schooling, drop-out, demission, completion of advanced studies, etc).(9) The campus ID card is the only valid certificate for borrowing books in the library. Readers must keep it properly. If users lose the card, please report the loss immediately, and the owner of the card is responsible for all borrowing records before reporting the loss.



(1) All books and periodicals in the library are state-owned assets, and you cannot take them out of the library (room) without going through the borrowing procedures.

(2) Those who fail to return the books after the due date must pay the overdue fine of 0.05 yuan per item per day. When the fines exceed 10 yuan, the borrowing permission will be suspended

(3) If the library materials borrowed by readers are lost, readers should compensate for the original or reprinted books within 2 months and charge an additional processing fee of 5 yuan. Otherwise, compensation should be made according to the following circumstances:

①If the lost book were published before 1987, the fine will be original price * 5; If the lost book were published after 1987, the fine will be original price * 3.

②If the internal exchange documents and foreign language books are lost, the fine will be original price * 5.

③ Journals or multi-volume materials, the fine will be original price of all the volumes * 2.

(4) Readers are not allowed to damage the books and periodicals in the library. Violators will be fined three times the price of the original books and periodicals.


Use of Electronic Resources

(1) All the faculty, staff and students of the university can use the electronic resources purchased by the library through the campus network.

(2) To use electronic resources, readers must have the legal IP rights of campus network, such as fixed IP, Netcom, VPN, etc. For the application and setting of network account related to this, please consult the school network center.

(3) The library will try its best to purchase or open more electronic resources. Readers are advised to pay close attention to the information on the library’s homepage and BBS to learn about the trends of electronic resources. If you have any problems with the use, you can contact the relevant departments of the library through telephone, email, BBS and other ways for consultation.

(4) The USTC Library strictly observes and maintains the intellectual property rights of the database publishers and original authors. Library grants the user a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and use the subscribed resources. Users may download the resources only for their own personal, non-commercial use. Users may not copy, reproduce, retransmit, distribute, publish, or commercially exploit any material.

Reading Room

(1) Readers on campus enter the library with USTC ID card. Off-campus readers can enter the library with reading cards issued by the library, or be guided by designated personnel in the library. (2) Open-shelf reading is implemented in reading rooms. Readers should pay attention to avoid misplacing the books and periodicals. After reading, please put them back to their original place, or hand them over to the staff. (3) The books and periodicals in the reading room are only for indoor reading. You may have them copied after going through formalities. (4) Readers are requested to take good care of books and periodicals. It is prohibited to hide, damage, and steal books and periodicals. (5) Please keep quiet in the reading room and do not speak loudly. Please switch the mobile phone to vibrating modes and make phone calls outside the reading room.

Study Room

(1) USTC readers enter the study room with their campus ID card, and readers from other schools are not allowed to enter. (2) Please keep quiet, switch the mobile phone to vibrating modes and make phone calls outside the reading room. (3) Please keep the room clean and tidy. Smoking is strictly prohibited. Spitting and littering are not allowed. Please put garbage in the trashcan. (4) Users cannot occupy seats for a long period of time by their personal items. (5) Please take good care of your valuables by yourself.

Group Study Room Reservation

The Library of West Campus has set up more than 20 group study rooms, equipped with communication desks and chairs, projection equipment, etc., for teachers and students to carry out group discussion, academic salon, activity planning, competition training, innovation and entrepreneurship, etc. Users need to make a reservation through the library homepage, WeChat, or on-site reservation machine.