Welcome to the Talents Book Show


The Talents Book Show is a big exhibition for new books managed by the USTC library and organized by the Wan Pin Corporation together with the China National Sci-Tech Information Imp & Exp Corporation. More than 70 thousands Chinese books and 2500 foreign books are on display and regularly updated. The showroom layout is warm and comfortable with 170 seats inside, green plants and leisure sofa for relaxation, audiovisual equipment and system for watching 1080 p high definition projection. The inauguration of the exhibition was held by the vice-principal Zhang Shulin on Jan 18,2013. Principal Hou Jianguo and Party Secretary Xu Wu also attended the ceremony.


“With the rapid development of network era, we’ve got convenient and easy access to knowledge. But Internet can’t take place of paper in all ways. reading on paper can bring the readers more thinking space, besides, they can communicate with each other during the course of reading. With the new library in East Campus built, we are considering setting a stage of reading and communicating, hoping that the Talents Book show can become a cultural window of Hefei, as well as a spiritual home and interactive space of students in USTC.” said Principal Hou Jianguo on the ceremony.


The display areas is arranged by reference to the ranking lists of famous bookstores and online bookstores. Focusing on the beauty, thought and logic of the words, the books on display are involved with liberal education, literature, biography, art, popular science, academic monograph, and so on. Special bookstacks are set for foreign core press. Without cataloging, the books on show are roughly classified by publishers, hoping that more good books will be found during the course of reading.


The Talents Book Show has created an elegant and comfortable learning environment and a chance to improving humanity accomplishment for students and teachers of USTC. From the perspective of Anhui Province, the Talents Book Show has laid a solid foundation for being the documentation center, service center and training center, which provides a stronger literature support for Anhui Province to make itself a strong province in education, scientific technology, and economy. From the prospective of China, Talents Book Show is the biggest distinctive book exhibition of Chinese universities, which has strengthened the communication with high-end press in the world. Under the background of cultural construction and development, the Talents Book Show makes an attempt to guide reading interest and improve cultural literacy of citizens.


At present, the library is developing a series of diversified reading activities based on the Talents Book Show. Anyone who has interest in reading and communicating can carry out activities in the book show, which will be greatly supported by the library.


Fully open to society, the Talents Book Show sincerely welcomes the general public to read here, and makes our library really becomes everyone’s library.