“Cards of History” delivered by the famous scholar Yi, Zhongtian

In the afternoon of December 22nd, the famous scholar Yi Zhongtian was invited to USTC and delivered a speech named “Cards of History”. In order to catch a glimpse of professor Yi, more than 3000 people packed the hall which was designed to hold only 1800. People and students from other schools were also attracted to come here. Ning Jing, the assistant director of the library, hosted the speech.


“Why are so many people obsessed with the history of Three Kingdoms period, which seems to be of great importance in the history of China?” Professor Yi posed the questions at the beginning of the speech, which consisted of three parts called Chinese Dream, Chinese Root, and Chinese Soul. During the two hours’ talkkeen, professor Yi shared his own experience and funny stories with us, his humorous and witty address impressed the vast majority of present audience and won a lot of applause.


In the following 30 minutes Q&A session, the students’ positive questions and the keen and humorous response of Professor Yi made the atmosphere to a climax. “What is the meaning of this topic Cards of History”, a student asked.” If you have read Cards on the Table written by Agatha Christie, you would know cards were always shown at the last minute”, answered by Professor Yi. And he thought the critical moment of China had already come. “Now, we must reflect on our own. We will know where to go and what to do as long as we know where we are from”, he said, “I’m very happy to have so many students attending my speech in a technical university. USTC has always been my dream university.”


The activity was one of the Talents Forum series lectures hosted by the library, which is a project designed to improve students’ humanity accomplishment.