USTC hosts second Information Summer Camp in Anhui Province

In July 14th, the beautiful campus of USTC welcomed a group of guests, they are 261 graduate students from 23 universities in Anhui Province. Full of expectation and admiration, these students came to attend the second information literacy summer camp.



The theme of this summer camp is Get familiar with online courses and improve the learning ecology. Domestic and foreign experts made an in-depth analysis and elaboration on the impact that MOOC had made on higher education as well as teachers and students. The illustrated content of speeches have deepened the students’ understanding of MOOC. Meanwhile, the USTC library also invited some scholars of information application to make a series of speeches aimed at helping students master the skills of information techniques to serve better for the research.







In the afternoon of July 18th, the closing ceremony was convened at the Physics and Chemistry Building in the East Campus. “We are particularly grateful to USTC for providing us such a wonderful communicating platform, in which the speeches delivered by professionals we rarely have chance to contact give us a lot of enlightenment and inspirations.” A camper said with enthusiasm after the ceremony.