Search for Books


Search for Printed Books

Users can find all the printed Chinese and foreign language books in the library’s Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).

Bibliographic records will show more details about the item, such as the call number, the location, the status (ordered, cataloged, read in the library, on the shelf, on the reservation shelf, book return date, etc.).




The CD with the book can be found in the OPAC if there is a CD attached to the book. If not, users can find through the “non-book Information Management system”. Users can also submit the CD download request in the system, and the system will timely supplement CD image for download.

See “Collection Distribution” for the specific locations of books in each discipline.

Search for E-Books

Readers can search for the Chinese and foreign language e-books through the following channels.

Chinese E-Books: Chaoxing, Apabi, Read show, Shusheng E-books

Foreign Language E-Books: EBSCO, Elsevier, ProQuest Ebook Central, Springer, Wiley, ACS, Cambridge Ebook, CRCnetBASE, IET, IOP, MIE, RSC, SafariSM, Ureader, WSN eBooks

Cross-database retrieval of Chinese and foreign language e-books: Metalib (select the above e-books database, enter the search words, and perform unified search)


Acquisition of Unpurchased Books

USTC Library has established an interlibrary loan collaboration with the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CSDL) and the National Library of China. For details, please refer to “Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan“. Read show is a very good books (literature) search platform, The Read Show of USTC integrates the collection of printed book information and Chaoxing e-book information. For books that are not within this range, users can also suggest a purchase. More importantly, the content of the book can be directly sent to the user’s email address.


Free E-books online

  1. Google Book Search
  2. Internet Archive: Text Archive (The Internet Archive’s Open-access Text Archive is an open-source program that provides an alternative to Google, Microsoft, and other book-scanning programs.)


Suggest a Purchase

For the printed books not collected by the library, readers can suggest a purchase to the library through the method of “Suggest a Purchase”.


Ask the Librarian

Users can send an email to, and our staff will give you a satisfactory answer.