Instructions for Self-service Printing


Cloud Printing

1: Open the browser and enter the URL:

2: First search for Woqu Cloud Print in the WeChat applets, and use the WeChat account to register and log in. Then scan the QR code below to log in to the PC version of Woqu Printing. You can upload files and manage your own library directly on the web page without installing any drivers.

3: After scanning the code and logging in, click “Upload File” on the left side to select the files to be printed and upload them.




4: After uploading, when you need to print, go to the Woqu Wisdom Print Terminal to scan the WeChat code and log in “Woqu Cloud Print Applet”, select the uploaded computer file in the list to be printed, then you can print.


Self-service Photocopying

1: Open the WeChat applet “Woqu Cloud Printing” and click “Copy and Scan”.

2: Select the copy mode you need, which are: single-page document copy, multi-page document copy, ID card copy.

3: Follow the instruction.


4: Determine the Layout→Settings→Payment→Paper out



Self-service Scanning

Step 1: Open the WeChat applet “Woqu Cloud Printing”, and click “Copy and Scan”

Step 2: Select the scanning mode you need, which are: single-page file scanning, multi-page file scanning, ID card scanning.



Step 3: Follow the instruction.


Step4: Determine the layout → Fill in the receiving email address →Payment








Charge Standards and Locations

Charge Standards

Unit: yuan

Paper Specifications Color Print Copy Scanning
A3 Black and white 0.2 0.2 0.1
Color 2 2 0.1
A4 Black and white 0.1 0.1 0.1
Color 1 1 0.1



  1. A4 and A3 double-sided printing is supported in the lobby on the first floor of the Library of West Campus of USTC.
  2. A4 and A3 double-sided printing is supported in the self-service printing area on the third floor of the Library of East Campus of USTC.

Note: All prints are charged at color printing price in the color printer. Black and white documents do not print on the color printer!

Customer Service WeChat ID: 18655952398

Customer Service Phone Number: 18655952398