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Online Lecture Hall

Edixon “Online Video Lecture Hall” is currently the largest video database in China, integrating more than 10,000 video reports for readers on the campus network to browse and watch.


Kuke Digital Music Library

Kuke Digital Music Library ( is the only digital music library in China that focuses on the development of non-pop music. They actively build a consumer platform centered on internet music services, provide all music learners and enthusiasts with a comprehensive and abundant genuine digital music resources

Video Library

Video Library is a science and education video resource library specifically for colleges and universities. After more than one year of trial, Video Library is now fully expanded and officially provides data. Users can access 7,294 videos, totaling 4000 hours of programs. Video Library covers disciplines such as nature, science and technology, agriculture and medicine, life, astronomy, geography, and humanities. At the same time, it provides bilingual subtitles, authentic foreign language pronunciation, and rich vocabulary, which is convenient for users to improve their foreign language skills while watching videos to learn knowledge.


Chaoxing Academic Video

The Chaoxing Academic Video website gathers video courses of well-known scholars from key famous universities and various scientific research institutes at home and abroad. The content covers philosophy, sociology, culture, art, history and other disciplines. 6,580 courses of 5,410 famous teachers have been filmed, and produced more than 80,000 videos.



Softone uses micro-courses to organically connect many high-quality digital video education resources. It is an on-demand learning and self-learning database for rapid learning and mastering various mainstream software operating skills through computer videos. It is also a large-scale practical learning database system oriented to the use of information technology application skills.


Global College Student Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Employment Database    

It has independent intellectual property rights and video broadcasting rights in China.


51 CTO college

As a new online learning platform for IT skills, “51CTO College” is committed to providing high-quality, professional and practical self-help IT training courses for college students across the country, and promoting the cultivation of students’ modern information technology literacy and application ability.


JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments)

JoVE is the world’s first experimental video journal. It was officially launched in October 2006. It is the first journal dedicated to displaying research processes and results in the fields of biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, etc. through video; it is also the world’s first 100% peer-reviewed video database indexed by PubMed/MEDLINE, Scopus, ChemAbstracts, SciFinder


New Oriental Online Courses

The New Oriental online courses include: English level 6, English for postgraduate entrance examinations, GRE, TOFEL, IELTS and other overseas English exams. At the same time, a trial of Level 4 English has been opened..


MyET Spoken English

MyET has selected thousands of training scenarios, such as how to apply for student status, choose courses, find a house when studying abroad, how to make opening remarks when attending international conferences, how to express your thoughts euphemistically, how to ask for directions when traveling or deal with emergencies, etc. To enable learners to easily master English expression skills, and quickly memorize words and grammar knowledge

FiF Foreign Language Learning Resource Library

FiF foreign language learning resource library is based on iFLYTEK’s world-leading voice technology and integrates a large number of high-quality foreign language learning resources at home and abroad to provide a one-stop online learning experience for foreign language learners. Oral English Partner

It is a learning artifact that can help you exercise your oral expression ability. Through artificial intelligence technology and rich learning courses, you can quickly improve within 30 days, and you will no longer be troubled by the fact that you can’t speak English even if you recite a lot of words.


It brings together professional teachers, novel content, timely updates, and online foreign teachers.


Jintu College English Resource Library

Jintu International College English Learning Resource Database is the first one-stop English learning resource product integrating multiple libraries in China.



It aims to inspire and encourage students to understand social career needs, explore personal career interests, clarify learning directions, and establish life goals. It teaches meaningful career knowledge and skills, and provides careers information.


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Modern Education Technology Center

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NetEase Open Course

Sina Open Course

Listening Express

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