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• We value your suggestion. Please feel free to suggest a purchase through telephone, email, BBS, the Association of Volunteers or library staff. Before submitting a request, please check the online catalog to determine whether the material you want is already owned by the Library.


• Suggest a purchase through Email is highly recommended. Besides, information about books and reason for recommendation are supposed to be told by reference to the following contacts.


Acquisitions Chinese Sci-Tech Books 1F East Campus LI Guisu 63607424-806 guisuli@ustc.edu.cn
Chinese Humnanities and Social Science Books 1F East Campus Huang Xiaoming 63607424-805 hxm1971@ustc.edu.cn
Foreign books, Periodicalsand and Newspapers 1F East Campus ZHOU Guohua 63607424-808 zgh@ustc.edu.cn


Online recommendation system is also available.